The Group has integrated the Sustainable Development Goals into its strategy, both in its activities and in its business operations.

The Group consistently meets the expectations of society and the unprecedented conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic as a responsible social stakeholder. Aiming to an energy transition and digital transformation era, the Group invests in renewable energy projects as well as in the use of second-generation biofuels, while adapting to new technological conditions and ensuring that it continuously trains its employees both in its facilities and in headquarters.

Material issues for the Group concern employees' health and safety, employment, environmental protection, waste management and contribution to the circular economy, the reduction of air emissions and improvement of air quality, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, operational transparency and fighting against corruption across the value chain, providing a continuous flow of high-quality products and finally, continuing to contribute to society and social value creation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With targeted initiatives amounting to 8 million euros, the Group continuously supported the National Health System (NHS) and the State, by providing necessary medical equipment supplies and additional hospital equipment in the effort to limit the spread of the virus in Greece.

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The extraordinary program concerning society and NHS support has been added to the Group's existing Corporate Responsibility action plan, which considering the special circumstances, continued to cover a variety of actions in areas such as the young people, the environment, vulnerable groups, culture and more.

Young Generation & Education

The young generation is always at the center of the Group's programs by awarding scholarships to young people who are distinguished for their talent and academic performance. It supports actions and initiatives that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and creates prospects for young people. From 2013 until today, the Group has awarded merit scholarships for 72 Postgraduate Scholarships, with a maximum duration of two years, in English-language programs at internationally renowned Universities in Europe and the United States of America. In addition, the Group develops sponsorship partnerships with Greek Universities for Postgraduate studies.

In the same context, the Group rewards outstanding young people from neighboring Municipalities with the "Rewarding New Admissions to Higher Education" Program. 238 students from Thriassio and West Thessaloniki were awarded for the 12th year, for their performance during their admission to Higher Education in the academic year 2019-2020.

In addition, during the period 2019-2020, the Group collaborated with AIESEC in Greece, offering over 42 scholarships to young people aged from 19 to 28 years old, with the aim of informing and disseminating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to NGOs and companies abroad.

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in CSR initiatives for local and broader society
Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad in the last seven years
Socially Vulnerable Groups

In the context of social solidarity and supporting vulnerable social groups, the Group took immediate action to address the pandemic in the country, while continuing to focus on its vision to contribute to society with consolidated actions such as:

  • Donation of over 300,000 litres of heating oil to schools, OPCE (Open Protection Centers for the Elderly) in neighboring municipalities and NGOs nationwide,
  • strengthening the operation of local community grocery stores and,
  • supporting NGOs, institutions and charities.

In addition, it offers programs to help and support people with disabilities, while participating in voluntary and human rights awareness activities.


The protection of the environment and the implementation of infrastructure projects for sustainable cities, is one of the main pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Group. It takes care of the installation, monitoring and maintenance of environmental stations in the areas where it operates, applies the best available techniques for the operation of all facilities and implements studies and projects in collaboration with the academic community to protect the environment and save energy. In recent years, the Group has been investing in alternative forms of energy, with the aim of limiting the effects of climate change, in the context of its energy transition. From 2012 until today, the installation of 12 photovoltaic systems on roofs of schools and NGOs has been completed, with a total installed capacity of ~ 200kW and an average annual production of 284,000 kWh, through which the release of approximately 266 tons of CO2 is avoided.

Culture / Sports

With actions dedicated to Culture, the Group participates and supports important cultural events in the local and the wider society with the aim of preserving and disseminating cultural heritage. It implements sports initiatives for humanitarian purposes and supports the efforts of sports clubs, teams and athletes. During the pandemic, cultural and sports events were prohibited, resulting in the Group being unable to support this specific pillar.

The strategy and the Group’s activities aim at strengthening its relationships with its stakeholders so that the Group can respond to their needs in the context of sustainable development.

Value Creation

HELLENIC PETROLEUM has defined its stakeholders (interested parties) as parties with which it communicates converses or cooperates, or who possess a direct/ indirect interest in its operations.

Interested parties include:

  • Employees
  • Customers & Consumers
  • Fuels station managers
  • Suppliers & Partners
  • Shareholders, bondholders, Capital Markets & other Capital Providers
  • Media & Opinion Leaders
  • Broader society (Organizations, NGOs etc.)
  • Local Community (Organizations, NGOs of neighbouring municipalities)
  • The State and Regulatory Authorities
  • The Business Community
  • The Scientific Community/Academia
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commitment in initiatives for dealing with COVID-19 pandemic

HELLENIC PETROLEUM defines its value creation as the financial contribution that is made towards our key stakeholders, excluding our customers and suppliers. The Group makes significant investments, provides a considerable number of employment positions and contributes to the improvement of the economy in the countries that it operates in; furthermore, it has an indirect positive impact on growth, employment and national product. As a result of its activities, the Group also collects and pays a significant part of the total indirect taxes (excise duty and VAT) to the authorities raised in total in the countries where it operates. Finally, the Group’s contribution to society as a whole, through targeted interventions, within the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility framework, which has placed an emphasis on supporting socially vulnerable groups and young people, was substantial.

In 2020, the Group’s turnover amounted to €5,782 million (2019: €8,857 million) while the creation of added value for the economy and the society amounted to €2.8 billion (2019: €3.5 billion) distributed as follows:

  • €238 million distributed to employees (salaries and benefits)
  • €25 million paid directly to the Greek State via direct taxes and employee insurance contributions, as well as an additional €2.35 billion in indirect taxes
  • €154 million distributed to shareholders as dividends
  • €10.2 million distributed through initiatives for society
0 billion
in indirect taxes to the Greek State